July 27, 2019 La Valle to Reedsburg, Wisconsin

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The 19th annual Lazy Beaver Canoe and Kayak Race was held on Saturday, July 27 on the Baraboo River. The starting point was in La Valle at the old La Valle swimming pool site, which is accessed off of Highway 58 south of the Baraboo Bridge. The finish line at the Granite Avenue landing in Reedsburg, a distance of a little more than 11 river miles. 

Photos by Jeff Seering

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  • Total 14-mile, 4-6-hour trip, comprised of two shorter segments.

  • Easy paddling through wetland forest with very little development. Minor log jams may require you to portage around them. Small rapids in LaValle at bridge; stay to the right.


  • The river parallels the 400 Bike Trail from La Valle to Reedsburg. The trail provides an excellent bicycle shuttle route.

  • This stretch of the river is a bald eagle nesting area.