July 27, 2019 La Valle to Reedsburg, Wisconsin


The 19th annual Lazy Beaver Canoe and Kayak Race will be held on Saturday, July 27 on the Baraboo River. The starting point is in La Valle at the old LaValle swimming pool site, which is accessed off of Highway 58 south of the Baraboo Bridge. The finish line at the Granite Avenue landing in Reedsburg, a distance of a little more than 11 river miles. 

The entry fee is $20 per paddler up until July 14 and $25 for entries received after that date. Registrations can be made the day of the race at the starting point in La Valle, right up until the 10 a.m. starting time. The entry fee includes a Lazy Beaver t-shirt and a brat/hot dog picnic lunch at the Granite Avenue landing at the end of the race. 

There are several different racing categories, plus a trophy for the best decorated boat, which has had some very creative entries in past races. The fastest paddlers complete the race in around two hours while more leisurely paddlers take three of five hours. 

The race was originally organized by a subcommittee of the Reedsburg Chamber of Commerce as a means of encouraging more people to paddle the Baraboo River, an underutilized Sauk County recreation opportunity. Proceeds from the race were used in the early years to fund river clearing and river trail improvements.

In more recent years the Reedsburg Kiwanis took over sponsorship of the race, but has designated any profits from the annual race to those same goal. Last year the Kiwanis donated $500 to Friends of the Baraboo River, which is working to get the Baraboo River designated as a national water trail. 

For more information, contact Jeff Seering at seerjeff@yahoo.com


The entry fee is $20 per paddler up until July 14 and $25 for entries received after that date. Register one of two ways.

  • Complete the online form below. Pay the fee at the registration table on July 27th (fee based on the date shown on your registration form - checks and cash only).


  • Print the form and follow the mail in or drop off instructions.

Online Form - Type your Info and click send to Jeff.

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The Lazy Beaver is intended to be a fun family event. The plan is to have the most serious racers start first so the more leisurely paddlers don't slow them down or get in the way, That's why we ask you to check one of the following boxes:
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  • Total 14-mile, 4-6-hour trip, comprised of two shorter segments.

  • Easy paddling through wetland forest with very little development. Minor log jams may require you to portage around them. Small rapids in LaValle at bridge; stay to the right.


  • LaValle: Located at the west end of Main Street. Parking is provided.Restrooms across street at trailhead of the 400 Bike Trail.

  • Douglas Park: Located off of Douglas Road near Lake Redstone County Park. Park at landing. Restrooms available at County Park.

  • Reedsburg: off Granite Avenue


  • The river parallels the 400 Bike Trail from La Valle to Reedsburg. The trail provides an excellent bicycle shuttle route.

  • This stretch of the river is a bald eagle nesting area.